Kingsbridge Municipal Utility District is composed of 12 Home Owner Associations to oversee different functions and responsibilities within the district. If you are uncertain what HOA you are in, please visit the District Mapdistrict map page.

Should you have any additional questions you may contact Kingsbridge MUD through the ContactContact Us page. 

Kingsbridge Estates, Kingsbridge Park, Kingsbridge Place


Email: mailto:tnorris@scsmgnt.comtnorris@scsmgnt.com  Phone: 281-500-7110 

Sugar Grove

Phone: 713-329-7100 


Phone: 713-776-1771 

Waterford North

Phone: 281-556-5111 


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Kingsbridge Meadow

Kingsbridge HOA

Unavailable at this time

Waterford Estates

Unavailable at this time.